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Have you ever wondered what makes really effective radio advertising? Have you become frustrated on how to convince clients to advertise more on radio? Or do you find yourself lacking inspiration on how to come up with effective ideas?

This course reveals the secrets of effective radio advertising that makes you/ your clients more money.

If you want to work in radio, or already work in radio and want to upskill whilst also gaining an industry endorsed and university awarded qualification, this course is for you.

Working in radio sales or production it is vital to understand what the KEY differences are between radio and print/press advertising and how you can use radio to create effective commercials. Your clients’ commercials will then work much harder for them, so they will spend more money advertising on radio with you.

Over the years we’ve heard from hundreds of clients who’ve said "Radio doesn't work for us". In each case, the problem was NOT the medium (ie Radio) but the MESSAGE (= ineffective radio commercial).

We'll show you the skills you need to develop to create EFFECTIVE radio commercials that connect with your listeners in an engaging and meaningful way.

Once you have completed the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain a university awarded and Ofqual validated DipLCM qualification in Creative Radio Advertising! This allows you to use the letters “DipLCM” after your name and is the first qualification in the world of this kind!

In this course we'll show you:

  • How to guarantee your ideas win clients over and gets them to say YES
  • How to create radio commercials that just beg to be listened to.
  • Why confusing radio with press advertising kills business.
  • How to influence your listeners on a subliminal level (& unlock their subconscious).
  • Become a confident and persuasive public speaker.
  • How to gain a university awarded and industry endorsed qualification in creative radio advertising.

Skills You'll Learn

  • Understanding Creative Radio Advertising
  • Branding Business' in Sound
  • Communication Skills
  • Sonic Branding Skills
  • Creative Writing Techniques
  • Briefing for Radio
  • Voice Direction & Management
  • Recording & Mixing techniques for Radio Commercials

What happens after the nine modules?

After you complete the eight modules, you may wish to take the examination to gain the qualification. Please consult the CRA DipLCM syllabus for complete details. Students will be required to upload two radio commercials to the "Upload Exam Content" section of this course. This should be accompanied by “Program Notes” outlining the nature of the radio commercials, who it was for, why it was made and including any other information the candidate thinks is relevant. You will also be required to provide a recording of yourself outlining your learning experience & why you made any creative decisions. This will be followed by Go Create Academy sending you a selection of dates for you to be available for a short online video interview with an examiner. The examiner will ask you a selection of questions about your submissions, creative reasoning & experience.

Exam Assessment Criteria

The ability to demonstrate good technical skills in recording and mixing voices and fx, together with choosing suitable music or ambiance either self-composed or from music production libraries. There should be some understanding of compressors, eq and the role of reverb and delay.

The ability to choose and direct appropriate voice-over artists, or to perform the role themselves in convincing fashion. A good knowledge of creative writing techniques. A good awareness of how to create a brief and to communicate ideas to clients. The ability to communicate the main essence of the advert, for example to promote a product or a sale; or to clearly convey a message if it’s for a public information commercial. A good understanding of Creative Radio Advertising theory.


Will I get a qualification for this course?

Students who successfully pass the examination will receive the qualification DipLCM in Creative Radio Advertising.

Do I have to take the exam?

No, you do not have to take the examination, though without the examination you will not receive the qualification DipLCM.

How long do I have to study before taking the examination?

You have exactly one year from your date of enrolment to study & enrol ALL relevant content for your examination. If content is uploaded close to the closing date, the video examination will take place in the next available slot.

What if I can't take the exam for medical reasons or extenuating circumstances?

If you feel you have just cause to take the examination after the one year expiry date, please email: [email protected] providing all relevant information. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if I don't pass the examination?

If you don't pass the examination, you can apply to retake it. This will involve an exam retake fee only - for details email: [email protected]

What resources will I need?

You need access to a Windows, Mac or Linux computer or an iPad/tablet & an internet connection.

Course curriculum

    • Getting Started Guide
    • Introduction Video
    • Introduction to the Exam
    • Course Schedule
    • Equipment Requirements
    • Download CRA Exam Syllabus
    • Keep in mind...
    • What NOT to do!
    • Listen to 3 Classic Audio examples.
  • Module 1 - Commercial Production - Roles & Responsibilities
    • Video Intro
    • Commercial Production - Roles & Responsibilities
    • Roles & Responsibilities Knowledge Check
    • Self Evaluation Guide
  • Module 2 - Understanding Radio Advertising
    • Video
    • Understanding Radio Advertising
    • Task 1: Create your own Sonic Branding Quiz
    • Task 2: Practise Listening & Creating Sound to Evoke Emotion
    • Music & SFX Example
    • Knowledge Check
    • Self Evaluation Guide
  • Module 3 - Branding with Sound
    • Branding with Sound
    • Task 1: Research & Find Sound Recordings
    • Task 2: Create A Branded Radio Commercial
    • Knowledge Check
    • Self Evaluation Guide
  • Module 4 - Creative Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Evaluation
    • Task 1 - Radio Exercise A: Create a radio script
    • Task 2 - Radio Exercise B: Create a radio script
    • Task 3 - Radio Exercise C: Create a radio script
    • Task 4 - Radio Exercise D: Create a radio script
    • Task 5 - Radio Exercise E: Create a radio script
    • Self Evaluation Guide
  • Module 5 - Creative Editing & Production
    • Video
    • Creative Editing & Production
    • Tasks
    • Audio content.
    • Task 1 - EQ the voice.
    • Task 2 - Add compression.
    • Task 3 - De-Esser
    • Task - 4 Ducking Compression
    • Task 5 - Stereo Delay
    • Radio Commercials
    • Self Evaluation Guide
  • Module 6 - Voice Production & Management
    • Video
    • Voice Production & Management
  • Module 7 - Briefing for Radio Creative
    • Video
    • Briefing for Radio Creative
    • Task 1: Create your own Radio Commercial Briefing Form
    • Task 2: Try your briefing form out with a 'client'
    • Knowledge Check
  • Module 8 - Pitching & Presenting to Clients
    • Video
    • Pitching & Presenting to Clients
    • Task 1: 10 Things about me!
    • Task 2: Create a pitch for a client
    • Additional Material/Links
  • Module 9 - DipLCM Examination Submission
    • Video
    • What you need to submit for your assessment.
    • Assessment Criteria
    • Example Program Notes (1 Commercial Only).
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Exam Submission
  • Useful Resources:
    • Web Links
    • Some Creativity Tips
  • Extra Tuition/Bookings
    • Appointments Calendar - Book here!

About the instructor

Peter Stone

Co-Founder & Instructor

Peter Stone (FLCM) is an award-winning creative producer, sought-after public speaker & presenter - passionate about all things sound. He combines his deep knowledge & passion for creativity in unique ways. Trained as a concert pianist & composer at the LCM & Royal Academy of Music (winning 2 Lloyd Webber awards), Peter became a sound designer (Roland, Novation, Korg, Emagic), producer, composer & performer. Artists include: Madonna, Kenny Roger, Simply Red, Go West, UB40, Boys Own, Status Quo, Lea Sayer, Let Loose, Cliff Richard, Jon Parr & many others. He has written brand and advertising music for Coca~Cola, Samsung, Blossom Hill, Ford, DFS, Clear Blue, Vue, Warner Village Cinema, Quickstep, Motorola, Sainsburys, BT, Cosmo Girl, Wella, Saab, Granada, Pizza Hut, Universal, Easy Jet & many more international brands. He has also written or co-written several top 10 chart hits.

[email protected]