A course that could help you write your way to a better life. 

Are you drawn to words? 

Turned on by them? 

Do words genuinely excite you? 

Do you believe you may have the ability to use words to sell ideas?

Our copywriting course has been created in partnership with someone obsessed with ideas and the power of words to sell those ideas.

Eugene Ruane's experience (35 years as a professional copywriter including creative director and head of copy roles) means you will be in very good hands and mentored by someone truly passionate about his work. 

“If you’d like to be a copywriter, you don’t want to be a wrong writer, you want to be a right writer - here’s the course that’ll make your writing..righter” - Multi award-winning copywriter, Eugene Ruane.

This copywriting course has 6 modules covering:

What is copywriting & how to write great copy.

Copywriting specifically to do with Print/Press, Radio,

TV/Cinema, Social Media/Digital together with case studies and tasks.

How to become a professional copywriter & what you must know and DO to be a successful copywriter.



Eugene hosts regular webinars, where he discusses contemporary adverts, campaigns & relevant points of interest. He also holds regular group Q & A sessions & is available for 1-2-1 sessions with students too.


Eugene takes you through a wide variety of real-world briefs & tasks, where you can gain the opportunity to work just like a professional copywriter! He will feedback top tips about how to improve your copywriting. 

So whether you want to write advertising copy for others, or to improve your own business - this is a course you can't afford to miss!

Course curriculum

  • Course Overview
    • Start Here
    • An Introduction to your course tutor: Eugene Ruane
    • Course Schedule
  • Module 1: Copywriting
    • A Brief History
    • How Copywriting came about
    • What is copywriting
    • Exactly what makes copywriting different from 'writing'.
    • What is 'great' Copywriting
    • Study the Masters.
    • The 5 Copywriting Commandments: 5 things every copywriter should know & do!
    • How to write 'great' Copy
  • Module 2: Copywriting for Print/press
    • Introduction to Copywriting in Print/Press
    • Body & Headline Copy
    • Headlines & Body Copy - what is the difference?
    • Headlines, End-Lines, Tag-Lines, Slogans.
    • Are Fonts/Typefaces Important?
    • Case Study 1 - Print/press
    • Case Study 2 - Print/press
    • Award Winning Creative Example
    • True Story (NB: Chops in some countries is slang for face)
    • Task 1
  • Module 3: Copywriting for Radio
    • An Introduction to Copywriting for Radio
    • Copywriting for Radio - The 4 Elements
    • Engaging Radio Listeners (using the 4 elements) Example 1
    • Engaging Radio Listeners (using the 4 elements) Example 2
    • Engaging Radio Listeners (using the 4 elements) Example 3
    • How to engage listeners - radio commercials.
    • Case Study - Octo Marine
    • Task 1
    • Task 2
  • Module 4: Copywriting for TV
    • Introduction for Copywriting in TV
    • Case Study 1 - TV
    • Case Study 2 - TV
    • Task 1 - TV
    • Task 2 - TV
  • Module 5: Copywriting for Social Media
    • Has Social Media/Digital changed Copywriting?
    • How to stand out on Social Media with your copy
    • How to write compelling sales copy for websites/blogs
    • Power words - using words to sell
    • Case study: A successful social media campaign from a copy perspective
  • Module 6: Professional Copywriting
    • Are professional copywriter's still needed?
    • Developing Your Copywriting Skills - the how!
    • Sell the Sizzle
    • Sell the sizzle, not the steak!
    • Idea Development
    • Finding Your Copywriter Voice
    • Thinking Outside the Box
    • A Day in the Life of a Professional Copywriter....
    • The Most Important Skills to be a Professional Copywriter
    • Testing Your Work
    • The Best Advertisements
    • Further Reading - Recommendations
    • Eugene's Top Tip
  • Extra Tuition/Bookings
    • Appointments Calendar - Book Here!

About the instructor

Eugene Ruane

Course Author/Senior Instructor

Eugene Ruane is an award-winning Senior Copywriter, Creative Director, Group-head and Author. He began working at Saatchi & Saatchi London in 1980.In his 17 years there he went from junior copywriter to senior writer, group-head and a director of the company.In the same period, the agency went from medium-sized British agency to the biggest and most successful agency in the world.He went on to work around the world for McCann Erickson satellite, Amster Yard in New York, Saatchis in New Zealand, Publicis in Dublin (where in his head of copy role they became Ireland’s most awarded creative agency).Eugene now freelances for agencies around the world, is an author and a board director with the international advertising and creative festival, the Kinsale Sharks - www.kinsalesharks.comAwards include: Cannes Lions (full set - Gold, Silver, Bronze), Epicas (Europe), Clios (U.S), Sharks (international), Campaign (UK) Axis (NZ) Award (Aus) ICAD (Ire).Positions filled:Senior Copywriter. Group-head. Head of copy. Creative director. Board director.Co-author of ‘This And That, Here And There.’ (see Amazon).Board member with the Kinsale Sharks www.kinsalesharks.comDegree S.I.A.D - Society of Industrial Art and Design.DipLCM Creative Radio Advertising.What people say about Eugene!"Eugene Ruane was certainly one of our most valuable assets, not only as a highly talented creative thinker but, importantly, as one of those key people who have the personality to make a large, often disparate and competitive department of people gel together better as colleagues. His work always pushes the creative boundaries and is always innovative and distinctive which of course is just what was required at the world’s largest advertising agency. He stands up for his creative ideas and is a persuasive presenter. He’s good. He has legions of friends in the advertising world who remain loyal and in touch always, a real testament to his personality."Roger Manton. Former Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi London. "Eugene's reputation as a creative proceeded him, twenty two years at the top of his game with multi National and International awards to his credit including the coveted ‘Cannes Lion'. Eugene very quickly put his stamp on our agency by raising our Creative Profile, through his unique creative ability. We soon became the leading creative force within the industry - winning countless awards and 'pitches' on a regular basis. Eugene would regularly be asked to 'chair' or be a judge at national and international Award Ceremonies.To summarise - 30 years experience at the top of his profession having worked in leading agencies around the world (London, New York, Paris, New Zealand, Dublin), enhancing the Creative profile of every agency he ever worked. He became a mentor to young creatives who have since moved on to more senior positions in other agencies. Eugene is an outstanding communicator and very entertaining company." Anton McClelland. Former Executive Creative Director, Publicis QMP Dublin.

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